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Well, it’s official. The webpage for this year’s World Sudoku Championship is live. Team USA has been announced. All systems are go. See you in Philly!

Tammy McLeod

Posted on April 8 2010 in

I made my first speech about Sudoku today! I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Santa Monica Kiwanis Club meeting today. I’m not terribly comfortable with public speaking, but I believe practice makes perfect, so I accepted.

As it turned out, the audience was made up mostly of people who had heard of Sudoku, but not played it much. So it seemed that they enjoyed the introduction to the history of Sudoku and its current popularity.

Here are my slides from the talk.

I think the greatest compliment I received was when one gentleman remarked that they had just received the equivalent of a basketball lesson from Kobe Bryant.

Tammy McLeod

Posted on February 3 2010 in

I prefer to solve on paper, but I sometimes find myself with downtime while standing in line somewhere, so I keep a sudoku application on my phone to play with. I have tried a number of programs, but my favorite one is OpenSudoku for Android for a number of reasons.

My favorite feature of this particular sudoku implementation is that it supports 3 different input mechanisms. Depending on which phase of solving I am in, different entry methods are faster. OpenSudoku allows me to quickly switch between them, making entering numbers satisfying and joyful (as it should be) instead of a chore.

The other fantastic feature that this one has is its support for importing more puzzles. The format is dead simple, and I have even started to encode some of my favorite puzzles for reference and practice.

Are there any others that you like?

Tammy McLeod

Posted on January 24 2010 in

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