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When I’m practicing for a competition, in the interest of speed, I sometimes make careless mistakes in solving. Because my preferred method of solving is on paper, I usually solve in pencil so that I can erase and start over.

Occasionally, I’ve resorted to writing out the puzzle again to solve. Here’s a printable grid that some of you might find useful:

Tammy McLeod

Posted on January 10 2010 in

It isn’t terribly exciting to watch a computer to solve a sudoku puzzle or do Optical Character Recognition, but someone has managed to use Legos to build a robot that performs both in a neat little display.

Check it out.

Tammy McLeod

Posted on January 7 2010 in

The US National Sudoku Championship has come and gone, but there is still opportunity for competitive Sudoku.

The Sudokucup is an online Sudoku Tournament that will be held on January 16th, 2010. Thomas Snyder will be authoring the puzzles. Practice puzzles will be available in January, but signups are already open and anyone can enter.

Tammy McLeod

Posted on December 11 2009 in

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