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These books are really challenging, and I often find myself resorting to bifurcation, which I generally avoid as much as possible. However, these puzzles are well written, and the difficulty is consistent, so they are definitely a decent workout for your sudoku muscles.

Tammy McLeod

Posted on November 10 2009 in

Mensa Guide to Solving Sudoku by Peter Gordon

This was the first technique book that I read, and frankly, by this time, I had developed a lot of my personal scanning technique and didn’t want to use the basic method covered in the beginning. However, the subsequent part of the book taught me some good techniques that was my first real breakthrough in my solving skills.

The second half of the book contains an excellent collection of puzzles. All of them are guaranteed to be solvable through pure logic, and not require guessing, which is the case with all my favorite puzzles.

Tammy McLeod

Posted on November 10 2009 in

X-Treme Sudoku by Nikoli

This is the book that got me hooked on Sudoku.

I started out at about 40 minutes per puzzle, and eventually got to about 10. Nikoli publishes only handmade puzzles, which are far more elegant and satisfying than computer-generated ones. The solver is consciously guided through the puzzle by the designer. Solving computer-generated puzzles is often like searching the haystack for the proverbial needle.

May this book prove as engaging for you as it was for me!

Tammy McLeod

Posted on November 9 2009 in

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