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Sudokulogy: Electronic Sudoku

Electronic Sudoku

Jan 24, 04:46 PM

I prefer to solve on paper, but I sometimes find myself with downtime while standing in line somewhere, so I keep a sudoku application on my phone to play with. I have tried a number of programs, but my favorite one is OpenSudoku for Android for a number of reasons.

My favorite feature of this particular sudoku implementation is that it supports 3 different input mechanisms. Depending on which phase of solving I am in, different entry methods are faster. OpenSudoku allows me to quickly switch between them, making entering numbers satisfying and joyful (as it should be) instead of a chore.

The other fantastic feature that this one has is its support for importing more puzzles. The format is dead simple, and I have even started to encode some of my favorite puzzles for reference and practice.

Are there any others that you like?

Tammy McLeod

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  1. One of your puzzles in your favorite puzzles list is invalid (it has 2 3s in box 4):


    Thanks for the list of good puzzles.

    — Andrew Tucker · Aug 21, 09:15 PM · #

  2. Thanks for the feedback Andrew. I will fix that!

    — Tammy McLeod · Sep 3, 09:58 AM · #